Dolan Lecture Brings Best of Emerging Medicine to Arlington

Medicine will advance more in the next 10 years than in the past century. Continuing medical education is the key to thriving in this brave new world of ours.

The Dolan Lectures Series addresses this challenge by bringing state-of-the-art medicine and its champions to the Virginia Hospital Center each fall. For over three decades, eminent physicians and researchers in fields such as opioid addiction and recovery, concussions, drug safety, Alzheimer’s, AIDS, genomics and end of life care, share new developments in their work.

31st Annual Lecture - November 1, 2018

Andrew Wolf, MD - UVA Faculty Photo.png

Prostate Cancer Screening: a Paradigm for Prioritizing Patient Preferences

As medical technology advances so does our ability to find and treat cancer at its earliest stages. Guest lecturer Andrew Wolf, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Virginia, will address the risks, burdens and uncertainties involved in cancer screenings not often considered by providers or patients. He will discuss strategies to avoid over-diagnosis and over-treatment by integrating decision aids and patient values into the office visit. He shares examples of real patients who understood all of their options before they dramatically altered their lives for better or worse.

Lecture video library

We cleaned out the vault and dusted off several important lecture videos. We embarked on an extensive digitization project of these tapes. The available videos are posted on our YouTube channel for your viewing.


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